As we get close to DataFestAfrica, we have added more spice to the event and we will be having a Datathon (Data-Hackathon). This datathon is a solution event aimed at promoting data-driven solutions in the business or on a global scale across the world.

The event will consist of various data teams filled with data scientists, data engineers, and data visualization experts trying to solve a particular business problem using a stack of multiple data technologies including Microsoft Power BI, Dbt,Azure, AWS, SQL, Python(pandas, scikit-learn,Tensorflow,Pytorch), R, DVC, Microsoft Excel and so on.

The aim is to showcase collaboration, problem-solving and innovative solutions through analyzing and drawing conclusions from provided datasets.

The goal for the provided datasets will be aimed at building a solution to analyze business data in order to achieve maximum productivity, improve clients' service, increase revenue and predict business outcomes.


  1. First Team
    1. N400,000 Cash price by Microsoft
    2. Opportunity to present your solution to 1500 audience
    3. Swags
  2. Second Team
    1. N300,000 Cash price by Microsoft
    2. Opportunity to present your solution to 1500 audience
    3. Swags
  3. Third Team
    1. N200,000 Cash price by Microsoft
    2. Opportunity to present your solution to 1500 audience
    3. Swags

Date: 8th October 2022

Time: 9AM

Location: To be decided


  1. Be at the event hall by 8:30 am as the datathon starts by 9 am
  2. The team must be a maximum of 3 participants or a minimum of 2 participants
  3. All Participants must have bought a DataFestAfrica ticket to the event(if you haven't, get your ticket at
  4. Participants must be available for the hackathon which is going to take place in Lagos, Nigeria
  5. To encourage inclusiveness, all team must have a lady/woman in their team
  6. The Top 5 will be announced by Wednesday 12th Oct 2022
  7. The Top 5 will present on Friday 14th Oct 2022 and the Winners announced on Saturday, Oct 15th 2022

How to Participate

To join the Hackathon:

  1. Register for the Datathon: Click here to register
  2. Validate your team membership and attendance
  3. Add team members to your profile
  4. Your team profile must be completed before the deadline - 30th September 2022
  5. Eligible teams will be notified on October 2, 2022
  6. Prepare for the hackathon and make sure you attend the event

Who's Eligible

  1. Data Analysts
  2. Data Engineers
  3. Data Scientists
  4. Business Analysts
  5. Machine Learning Engineers
  6. Analytics Engineers
  7. Any data professional


  1. SQL
  2. Python/R and Libraries
  3. Microsoft PowerBI

For any inquiries or feedback, please check out the FAQ below or send an email to


  1. Where can I find the dataset: It will be shared on the d-day, Oct 8th, 2022
  2. As a participant, can I join via zoom or any other virtual meeting platform: That depends on your team, only one persons is permitted to be virtual in a team of 3 but none in a team of 2.
  3. Is the datathon event going to be streamed live: No
  4. Do I need to buy a DataFestAfrica ticket to participate? Yes
  5. Do I need to create/join a team before participating in the datathon? Yes, we want datathon to be a team game.